Communications Strategy

Setting and executing the goals, strategies, and tactics to vault your business forward.

Plan Your Rise

Are you creating your initial business plan or wondering if it’s time to reassess? Not sure of the first step, but know you need to do something? We get it.

We also get that every company is different. We’ll work with you to review your objectives, draw on our entrepreneurial and business acumen, and take a research-based approach to the goals, strategies, and tactics we’ll need (including what, why, when, and how) to help you get where you want to go.

Need to know more? Review the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Calypso know how to help me?

Our team are pros at what we do—and our leadership has decades of experience successfully launching and growing businesses, across industries, from the ground up. Couple that expertise with our methodical process of learning, listening, and questioning, and you get customized strategies from people who know what they’re talking about AND have the chops to execute.

Isn’t it expensive to engage an agency for multiple projects or long-term planning?

When you partner with a firm you trust, you build a relationship. The right agency will serve as an extension of your team—with thorough knowledge of your business PLUS the integrated expertise of writers, creatives, and strategists who can talk the talk and walk the walk. More often than not, what you pay that firm is significantly lower than what you might pay to hire and train an additional employee (with limited expertise).

Engaging different partners for different services (in an effort to save money) often results in fragmented branding. And it’s certainly far more efficient to build a relationship with a single partner who can manage most of your marketing needs instead of investing the time and staff resources to vet and update multiple partners on your business, your branding, and your expertise.

We already work with a ______ (print vendor/web designer/SEO agency). Can you still help?

Of course! Not every client comes to us looking to build a business from square one. Sometimes they’ve just created new company positioning and need to build a stellar website to communicate it to several different audiences. Perhaps they’ve just implemented an email marketing campaign, but need a content strategy and copywriting to keep it moving forward. We’ll help you assess your needs…and meet you where you are.

Equally important, one benefit to working with Calypso is that we see ourselves as a partner, not a vendor, so we’re always stepping back and taking a look at the communications landscape from 10,000 feet. Already got an SEO agency? No problem; we’ll review those results as part of your larger marketing mix as we recommend additional strategies to grow your business.

How will we know our strategies are working?

We can employ a variety of tools and metrics for measuring success. Most important, however, is to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) from the outset to ensure we understand what success looks like for you—and know, without question, whether we’re achieving it.

Are You Prepared?

While it’s nearly impossible to predict when a crisis will occur, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your company is prepared.


Don't Be Shy

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