Client:  Garrison Women’s Health
Date: February 2016
Skills: Brand Design, Messaging

An Established Brand’s Rebirth

Garrison Women’s Health (GWH) is a women’s health center that has served its community for more than 50 years. After that many years, GWH had outgrown its logo, which no longer accurately represented the personality and mission of the practice. Calypso was approached to take on the challenge of rebranding the practice and building greater awareness to the GWH brand as a whole. The new identity successfully captures the practice’s vibrant personality and welcoming nature, and provides a cohesive voice across its combined areas of expertise.

A Symbol of Partnership

The new, clean monogram transitions from a lowercase “g” to an uppercase “G”. The logo represents GWH as a protector and a comforting, safe place for any woman to receive care. The transitional imagery also speaks to how GWH supports women in all stages of life.

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