Messaging, Media Outreach, and Animation for Renewable Energy Project

The Client

Detroit Renewable Energy (DRE) is a consortium of renewable-energy generation and distribution companies committed to providing the City of Detroit with safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for clean energy and waste disposal.

DRE has a long history of working with General Motors (GM) and turned to Calypso when it launched a new project that brings a sustainable and renewable energy source into the GM Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant. DRE’s goal was to build brand trust and raise visibility among key stakeholders by leveraging this partnership.

The Solution

Calypso’s public relations and creative teams worked together to announce a renewable energy project that is turning municipal solid waste from Metro Detroit into process steam that is being used to heat and cool portions of General Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck plant. The project equates to 12 percent of GM’s overall goal of 125 megawatts of renewable energy by 2020.


A quirky fun animation was used to inform the community of the partnership.

A truly integrated effort

To support the project announcement:



Calypso developed messaging, wrote and distributed a press release, and handled media outreach.


The team also created a video animation that explains the process of turning waste into energy. Animations are effective in breaking down complicated topics and communicating them in a way that’s engaging and easy-to-understand–and are totally shareable. The animation was featured on GM’s Fastlane blog, which you can check out here, and was widely shared on social media.