a communications partnership

The Client

Babcock Power Inc. is a global, multi-product, privately owned energy and environmental services and systems enterprise, with active projects in more than 10 countries.

The Solution

Calypso and Babcock Power have been communications partners since 2000. Calypso has helped Babcock achieve several of its goals, which have matured and shifted over the years.

Highlighting the appropriate messages

Initially, Babcock Power was interested in acquisition, with the aim of becoming a dominant player in the energy market. To help support that goal, Calypso created a series of Annual Reviews to help highlight the company’s growth and stability to potential investors, and to reinforce that message on a yearly basis.

More recently, as Babcock has matured and the impressive-but-diverse collection of energy companies have settled into operating as a cohesive unit, there has been a growing need to deliberately define what it means to be part of the “Babcock Power Family.” Calypso has worked with Babcock to define its identity as a unit and honor the strengths of each sub-unit.