Social Media

This isn't about more 'likes' on your funny cat videos. (Your customers and partners are out there, too—really.)

Connect where your audiences spend their time.

Social media is more than sharing your content and building reach; it is an essential channel for increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, connecting with peers, and engaging current customers.

Is your company maximizing its social presence?

Calypso first evaluates past social media performance, industry opportunities, and potential roadblocks. We then identify the social networks most relevant to your audiences, establish goals, and develop a strategic social media plan. Once the strategy and planning is complete, we’ll allocate resources to help you listen, engage, and track performance.

Need help figuring out exactly who is viewing your content, following your social channels, or interacting with your brand—and which social platforms you need to be on? Calypso can help manage and grow your social media presence.

Be Genuine. Be Compelling.

Engagement starts by inviting your audience in. It continues by getting them to stay.