Media and Messaging Training

Stay focused on the message; be mindful of the platform.

Don't wing it.

Executives are rarely natural-born performers. And make no mistake: delivering the perfect interview is, in part, a performance. Media training equips leaders to deliver the right message in the most effective way.

Messaging training takes your team outside the media box and helps ensure you deliver your message clearly and concisely. When you’re talking to your board of directors, a panel of investors, or a roomful of employees, you need to know your words and body language are saying what you intend.

We work with the greenest of interviewees and the most media-savvy executives.

Elements of media and messaging training:

  • Understanding the media landscape: from TV and print journalism to social media
  • Recognizing reporting techniques and preparing for “ambush” moments
  • Reviewing company roles: Who might interact with the press—or your customers? On what platform? Live or online? Via speech or in writing?
  • Practicing in front of the camera with mock interviews and critiques to help you improve

Calypso’s rock-star writers can also help you draft a speech that delivers your message—AND sounds like you (you don’t have to sound like a corporate stiff to be taken seriously).

Want to really knock it out of the park? Let us design an effective presentation that engages your audience instead of boring them.

And remember to consider the team members managing your social media channels. They may not be on camera, but they still need to know how to deliver your key messages most effectively—and how to defuse intense exchanges online.

Are You Prepared?

While it’s nearly impossible to predict when a crisis will occur, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your company is prepared.


Be Genuine. Be Compelling.

Engagement starts by inviting your audience in. It continues by getting them to stay.