Writing is the root of effective communication. It's our foundational belief.

Words matter.

Whether you’re preparing a long-form report or a three-word tagline, words count, and always will.

Calypso sees your message as your foundation,

and our writers weave your story through brand text in all its forms: from web copy and blog posts, to annual reports and white papers, to slogans and email campaigns. We’re chameleons who adapt voice and language with nuance and skill. We write with SEO in mind, tailor content for social engagement, and maintain a healthy respect for AP and Chicago Styles.

We’re proud to write prose that pulls its weight—even when it’s stripped of design and illustration.

See what we mean below.

Accompanies short video created to inspire donor action.

My grandma showed me a place
where, when the sun rises
all of the leaves on the trees reach out to give it a hug

And when it rains
the streams gather up all the water
and feed it to the sea

She showed me trees as tall as buildings
that stretch all the way to ocean

It’s a place
where my brother can make clouds out of dirt

Where my forest friends
are always up to something

And my mom and dad
go for quiet walks in the woods

In this place
kids like me can spend the whole day lost in an adventure

And the best part is
she said as long as I help take care of it, it will be here forever


Presents key messages for company seeking to differentiate itself in its industry.

LimeSprings Beef is a story about a community that came together because it believes we all have the right to know our farmers and know our food. We believe in providing humane care for our animals, in respecting the farmers who raise our cattle, and in providing transparent information to the families who will enjoy our beef at their dinner table.

We’re on a journey that involves sustainability, compassion, common sense, and bringing food production back to a local level. Our state-of-the-art plant is currently under construction thanks to hundreds of community members, local farmers and families, and municipal and state groups who believe in Iowa’s farmers—and who believe that by working together, we can enjoy a great steak or burger knowing that every step of the process respects farm, food, and family.

Our story is still being written—so come, follow along, and be a part of our journey. Welcome to LimeSprings Beef.


Full e-book available here. 

A durable brand is complicated and elusive, and NO brand is immune to crisis. From Tiger Woods to Toyota to BP, few companies or public figures anticipate scandal—or the crippling costs and skeptical public response to their subsequent mea culpa moments.

So what do you need to know about protecting your brand, small or large?

Solid brands exude consistent product quality, workplace integrity, ongoing innovation, clear social responsibility—and a noticeable lack of controversy. A damaged-brand strategy, on the other hand, often turns to crisis management, guerilla PR, heated ad spending, and “suddenly-social” philanthropy—all strategies to soothe stock markets and sponsors. Yet the real work of assuring average consumers is left to the people who truly shape a brand—those managing Tiger’s foundations, for example, and the mechanics facing customers in Toyota dealerships across the country. […]

Great Experiences Build Great Brands

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