Video and Animation

Motion is a part of today's communication tapestry. We weave the stories that make people watch and listen.

Don’t just tell your story; show it.

More and more, B2C and B2B marketers are harnessing video to reach viewers on websites, social networks, and mobile devices.

Calypso’s video and animation team is full-service.

From scripting, to storyboarding and planning, to HD video production, to post-production editing services, our video pros can manage the entire process. And our animators understand how to use their art to demonstrate complex industrial processes and breathe life into technical explanations. By adapting style, colors, and scripts, they put your ideas in motion—literally.

  • More than 100 million Americans watch online video content each day
  • Online video is 53x more likely to generate a first-page Google ranking
  • 59% of senior executives told Forbes they’d rather watch video than read

*Stats via Comscore

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