Sustainability Reports

Corporate social responsibility is here to stay, and it matters to all your stakeholders.

An important part of your story.

You’ve made measurable efforts to conserve energy and resources; you give back to the community; you treat your employees and suppliers responsibly. Sustainability is important to your brand identity. And now, more than ever before, it’s a vital part of a strong and lasting business.

Whether you’ve achieved your objectives or want help defining and implementing them…

Calypso creates dynamic, visual, and interactive sustainability reports for companies tracking their programs. For others, we help find measurable, actionable ways to build a CSR program from scratch.

Detroit Renewable Energy

Detroit Renewable Energy sought to profile the performance of its companies and people in building a sustainable local enterprise. Calypso took a qualitative and quantitative approach, balancing emissions data and employment stats with stories of community impact. We also built a mini-site featuring visual report highlights.

Organized to emphasize your strengths

Sustainability is ongoing. So we’ll help you analyze your progress and highlight your achievements, balancing transparency with positivity.

Visualizing the metrics

Bring facts and figures to life with dynamic visuals that make a point at a glance.

Great Brands Create Great Experiences

Invest in your brand. Stand out from the crowd.