Presentation Design

Create slides that strengthen your message, not distract from it.

Say goodbye to Death-by-PowerPoint.

When you’re presenting to your board of directors, a panel of investors, or a crowd of skeptical employees, you need to hit it out of the park. You wouldn’t try to build your own website (we hope), so don’t rely on a slide template that doesn’t reflect your brand or deliver a memorable message.

Amplify your power as a speaker

by striking a balance between message and visuals. We’ll help you give your audience enough to look at to emphasize your point, but avoid the temptation for them to read a list of bullets behind your back. And knowing that practice makes perfect, Calypso can conduct speaker training sessions to give you advice on projection, delivery techniques, and pace to help you come across as the superstar intellectual we know you are.

Great Experiences Build Great Brands

Invest in your brand. Stand out from the crowd.