When it comes to good teams, it takes two to make a thing go right. And, just like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, inbound marketing and PR are quite the dynamic duo.

Inbound marketing and PR may seem like completely different methodologies, however, they share a few similar goals: building brand awareness, increasing visibility, and ultimately, driving sales. Whether you’re trying to attract the media or potential new customers, creating an integrated inbound marketing and PR strategy is the way to go.

If you’re ready to take your communications strategy to the next level, here are a few reasons to consider creating an integrated inbound marketing and PR  strategy:

  1. PR has changed. With new technologies, search, social, and the 24/7-news cycle, the PR industry is much different than it was a few years ago – and continues to rapidly change. While the day-to-day tasks are still based on the same principles, many of the tools and tactics to execute a PR strategy have evolved. To leverage this change and maximize results, PR folks should leverage inbound tactics such as content, SEO, social, etc..
  2. You’ll build credibility. By combining inbound marketing and PR into an integrated plan, you can further establish your brand’s credibility and amplify your reach to both potential customers as well as powerful influencers. While self-publishing is an effective way to attract and educate potential customers, third-party credibility is a tried and true tactic. An active blog with downloadable content offers, a strong website, an engaging social presence, and external coverage with reputable third-party endorsements will position you for success.
  3. Inbound marketing and PR both rely on content. The production of targeted, optimized, and well-written content is the foundation to any successful inbound marketing or PR campaign. If your business already has a PR team creating compelling thought-leadership content, why not use that as the foundation for blog content instead of starting from scratch?n the flip side, why not use your blog and website content to serve as a base for potential editorial calendar opportunities? Whether your goal is to attract the media or attract potential customers, your strategy will rely on content – leveraging it for both inbound and PR will help maximize your results.

While inbound marketing and PR share some of the same fundamentals, they clearly have some differences – making inbound marketing and public relations the perfect pair. Leverage the differences and create an integrated strategy to take your communications efforts to the next level.


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