The traditional holy grails of PR—largely print or analog—are rapidly declining in value in this increasingly digital world, while video motion graphics and animation techniques evolve into some of the most effective tools available for companies facing crisis or managing growth.

After creating videos for over a decade, we’re excited at Calypso to expand and launch the most robust digital visual arts capability in the Northeast (see What’s different? In a word: attitude. An image: success. And the sound: whoa.

Video gives companies an affordable digital tool that takes direct aim at new business. It infuses a brand with attitude; lays down a palette of accomplishment; and scores corporate culture in a tone, rhythm, and cadence that mirrors organizational culture. The talking heads and hardhats of yesterday—scripted on value and process—are gone. No static drawings to illustrate motion; no “Jeopardy”-like soundtracks to herald suspense. Corporate video today features what companies like to think they represent: success, transparency, and innovation.

What does this have to do with successful public relations? Everything.

Since 2000, our PR premise has been oxymoronic: save the public part of PR for last. The best work happens in advance and in private. After all, even thieves plan their crimes ahead of time. And criminals themselves—especially those tagged by the industrial tragedy, political scandal, and financial abuse that regularly seed the PR industry—help prove this lesson.

ROI still drives public relations (especially as a “risk of incarceration”). But time and technology have also moved the needle on handling major public problems. Crisis management, training, and messaging today make PR campaigns effective and comprehensive. Internet and social media technologies add important tools. Companies prone to making “news” now make marketing and PR symbiotic, aligning strategies, protecting brands, and synchronizing content.

Modern video and animation are critical links in this equation. Companies can craft digital profiles well ahead of a PR campaign, especially if they are proactive enough to routinely capture quality footage of projects, people, and products. Once needed, visual and interactive profiles can quickly showcase employee culture, management values, product excellence, and corporate governance in compelling digital venues.

The potential is endless; the impact immediate. Animated manufacturing lines and technologies visually reinforce quality, safety, or market challenges; field work and product tests mirror customer interviews; brand launches and research labs engage investors through video in ways that shareholder documents can’t.

Imagine how a BP animation on the role of a blowout preventer or the challenges of oil well integrity may have better informed an accusing media. Consider the value, during Hurricane Irene in 2011, of a clip on Connecticut Light & Power trimming crews and the three million trees that threaten their power lines.

Calypso’s team of musicians and composers create motion graphics and video for clients in the way orchestras rehearse for symphonies: playing, listening, scoring, editing, re-editing, and finally—with all the instruments finely tuned and the musicians fully prepared—performing for engaged and appreciative audiences. Attitude, success, and content…in concert sound and high definition.

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