Most energy sector executives will admit privately that they’re late to the party when it comes to the development and execution of social media strategy. Many also concede to being unprepared for unflattering negativity via social media channels during times of crisis.

Nuclear power plants, regulated utilities, and high-profile renewable energy projects have faced the most front-line “retail” dialogue with citizen and media groups while, fortunately, largely avoiding “the big one.”

Thus, when it comes to power outages, safety, minor operational issues, and compliance crises, the prevailing approach toward communicating with the public has long gone something like this: “You’ll get the facts as soon as we’ve had time to message the details in order to cast us in the best possible light.”

Not a very effective business strategy in the era of brutal transparency and social media. There’s a steady erosion of patience for the tightly managed, corporate-filtered way of communicating information to the public about such matters – even when they are as simple as unsightly wind farms or storm-disrupted home electricity.

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Calypso Communications  stepped in to fill this communications void by capturing the problem (hint: inertia) and running though several scenarios that may sound familiar to you and your company. The eBook is yours to download and share freely without restriction.

If you haven’t dealt with a social media crisis yet, congratulations. The social media Gods have smiled upon you and your company. But are you ready in case the unexpected happens? Are you sure?

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