Video & Animation

Calypso Films is the video production and animation arm of Calypso Communications. We provide the most compelling visual solutions for a variety of media, including print, web, film, television, and installations, and handle every project from concept to delivery.

Calypso Films

Video is ubiquitous. In today’s landscape, it’s an essential piece of brand messaging, communication, and transparency.

With Calypso, you not only get a talented creative team, but you also benefit from the seasoned public relations and marketing experience the rest of the team offers. Their insights during brainstorming and production often transform a video from a great visual into a targeted piece of eyeball-attracting, goal-achieving, strap-your-kids-in entertainment.

Video marketing increases engagement, sales, and leads. Businesses that incorporate video into their overall marketing strategies see higher rates for engagement, click-throughs, and higher conversions. If you’re not using video to communicate with your audience, you’ll lose customers to those who do.

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The Facts*

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How can video help you?
  • Tell complex stories with compelling visuals
  • Mix up your content offering
  • Reduce ad spending
  • Create a new touch point for customers
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Move traffic to your site
  • Create content that’s easily shareable
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Increase your search ranking
Where can you use video?
  • Presentations
  • Training videos
  • FAQs and customer service responses
  • Marketing
  • Product reviews
  • Events and trade shows
  • Interviews with experts (including you and your staff)
  • Contests
  • Video blogging
  • Testimonials



The Process

Process Overview

Our video services include:

  • HD video production
  • Animation
  • Complete post-production
    editing services
  • Music supervision and sound design

To complete any of these services, we generally move from pre-production, to production, and finally to post production.

One question we get asked a lot is, “What can I expect at each stage of production?” Here’s a handy-dandy chart we’ve made to give you a general idea of the different stages of production. Keep in mind, however, that a lot of these tasks depend on budget, timing, concept, and resources. Results may vary.




Concept development


Art Direction

Talent & Location Scouting

Concept development

Style-framing/character design


Art Direction

Talent Scouting



Photography & lighting

HD shooting

Sound Capture

Talent & Location Coordination



2D/3D animation

Motion graphics

Sound Capture

Talent Coordination



Graphic/Title Design

Color Correction

Music/Sound Design



Music/Sound Design




Before we touch any equipment, we’ll work with you to define the type of video you need. Whatever your vision for the final product, we’ll make sure our goals align.

Creative and Scripting

a script for video should be focusedThe initial creative process is the most critical element to your video because it determines the content direction and stylistic execution. This phase may call for an outline or a script, if narration and voiceover is appropriate. The script should draw viewers in with relevant and engaging narration. Viewer retention can be short, so your message must hit with maximum impact and clarity. We can write a script for you, or you can provide your own.


storyboardStoryboards map out your narrative before an animation is produced and brought to life. The process helps ensure the visual style and progression matches the expectations set during the creative process. It also helps minimize surprises and revisions once the video is complete. If a video requires only live action, we’ll present a written outline instead of style frames.

Voice Recording

voice overFor any projects that require supporting vocal narration, we will research, audition, and record with a professional voiceover artist to bring depth and dimension to your video. We’ll locate the right talent for your project based on our creative discussion and consult with you to make sure he or she is perfect for the job.

HD Video Production

productionWith voiceover and storyboards completed and approved, we can begin to film and/or animate your project. Once all location shooting has wrapped, we’ll organize and edit your footage and begin the complete post-production editing process.

Music Supervision and Sound Design

Sound DesignThe final step in post-production is to add appropriate music and sound effects to bring your video to life. Our team has years of experience in music production, sound design, strategy, and music licensing.


Once your video is complete and approved, we’ll send you the HD video in the file type of your choice. Our PR team can help you publish it on YouTube or Vimeo, set up video hosting and analytics, and optimize it for better search engine results. Want to see some of our past work online? Visit our vimeo page.